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Access Towers for Stairwells

Stairwell Towers

Stairwell Tower Erection Manual
These towers are excellent for decorating awkward stairwells. Only 700mm wide and have walk through frames at the bottom to enable access up and down the stairs whilst the tower is in use. All towers supplied with castors/jacking bases, toe board sets, internal ladders platforms and outriggers and comply fully to Health & Safety at Work Act standards.

4 Hours24 HoursWeekend48 HoursWeekDeposit
1.0M - 2.0M£27.57£33.69£40.86£45.95£61.26£120.00
1.5M - 2.5M£32.16£39.31£47.67£53.60£71.47£140.00
2.0M - 3.0M£36.76£44.93£54.48£61.26£81.68£150.00
2.5M - 3.5M£41.35£50.54£61.29£68.92£91.89£160.00
3.0M - 4.0M £45.95£56.16£68.10£76.58£102.10£180.00
3.5M - 4.5M£50.54£61.77£74.91£84.23£112.31£180.00
4.0M - 5.0M£55.14£67.39£81.72£91.89£122.52£200.00
4.5M - 5.5M£59.73£73.00£88.53£99.55£132.73£250.00
5.0M - 6.0M£64.32£78.62£95.34£107.21£142.94£250.00

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